I mostly edit videos…mostly. You can see all that here. With that usually comes some motion graphics and you’ll find some examples of that here. I dabble in Cinema4D when given the opportunity, such as this here. And occasionally I direct, sometimes professionally like this and occasionally for myself on things like this.

This all began properly around 15 years ago when I began a collaboration with a music video director in Brighton. We had a pretty good run making videos for local bands like Blood Red Shoes and Bonobo which led to bigger budgets for artists such Fatboy Slim and Juliette Lewis. During this time I relocated to London and had the opportunity to work on videos with a number of different Directors for artists such as Cher Lloyd, Manic Street Preachers and The 1975. Aside from this I was doing the usual corporate bits and pieces to pay the bills alongside fun stuff for Sony and Beats by Dre amongst others.

That all led to being asked to join Stepping Stone Media as their Senior Editor where I work on a range of branded content for clients such as Cunard, Waitrose and Marriott.

If you need me for anything, you can find me at info at mike-prior.com